Male Pattern Thinning

Is your hair receding at the temples or thinning on your crown?


It is inevitable that most men will experience hair thinning and male hair loss as they age. This is due to a time triggered inherited condition called Male Pattern Thinning, also known as MPT or Androgenetic Alopecia.


Male Pattern Thinning is noticeable by a receding hairline, thinning hair at the temples and/or in the crown area. Unfortunately, this is a genetic predisposition which can be passed down from either parent and usually begins during a male’s late teen years and early twenties.  By the time a man reaches his thirties Male Pattern Thinning will be well on its way to baldness. 




Male Pattern Thinning is an inherited condition from either parent or both parents. It cannot be cured however it’s onset can be delayed and its impact minimised with a daily routine using hair treatment products.


Male Pattern Thinning can be compounded and made worse by factors such as stress, poor diet, and scalp disorders.




Reduce stress

Stress in men can promote enzyme activity within cells and stimulate testosterone production, mainly from the adrenal (stress) glands. Monitor your stress levels by balancing work, home life and moderate exercise. Add in relaxation time including walking, yoga or breathing exercises.


Improve your diet

Due to a poor diet, high levels of toxins can accumulate at the hair roots and intensify hair thinning. We offer extensive hair analysis tests that provide indicators of nutritional and mineral deficiencies and possible toxicities.


Consultation with a Trichologist

If you think you are suffering from Male Pattern Thinning, we strongly recommend a consultation with our Trichologists for an expert diagnosis on the cause of your hair loss and professional treatment advice.



We help keep Male Pattern Thinning in control by strengthening weak hairs and promoting new growth. We recommend early action to all our male clients for best results.


Haircare suggestions from our Shop to treat Male Pattern Thinning:



DHT Blocker
We use natural Dihydrotestosterone blockers that can reduce the rate of hair loss. Our DHT Blocker contains the extract of Saw Palmetto, an alternative natural way to decrease DHT in hair roots and assist hair growth.


Hair Follicle Treatment
Our proven treatment relaxes the hair follicle allowing hair roots to move and anchor deeper into the scalp. This unique double-action enables vital minerals to reach the hair roots extending the life cycle of weak hairs.


Hair Growth Activator
Strengthens hair and stabilises hair loss. Blocks DHT to allow stronger hair regrowth. Varying strengths for these topical sprays; Stimulate 4.1 minimum strength, Stimulate 4.2 mid strength and Stimulate 4.3 maximum strength.


Cosmetic hair solution
For a quick solution use Toppik Hair Building Fibres to instantly build your hair with natural keratin. Creates the appearance of naturally thick, fuller hair in seconds. Perfect for a visible or wide part line and disguising female pattern baldness. A variety of natural colours are available.

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