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Hair treatments at Clive Hair Clinics
Hair treatments at Clive Hair Clinics

What we do

Our tailored treatments and drug-free products are designed to restore health to your hair. We understand that hair loss can be challenging, and seeking help takes courage. That’s why we’re here to help you on your journey to healthier hair.

The earlier you start, the better chances for good results. Talk to us about a bespoke treatment programme.


The first step is to understand why you are experiencing hair loss. You don’t need a referral from a specialist to book an appointment with our trichologists. Note, that medical insurance does not cover consults or treatment with trichologists.

In-Person Consultation

45-minute appointment with a Trichologist to discuss your hair concerns. We will analyse your hair and scalp to diagnose your condition and recommend treatment. 
Cost $55

Online consultation

15-minute, remote consultation with a Trichologist. Suits clients who can’t visit our clinics but want to discuss their hair concerns.

Check-up consultation

15-minute check up in clinic for all present and past clients. Good for monitoring progress and checking you are on track for healthy hair growth.

Book a consultation

Meet with our team to discuss your concerns and goals, and gain a better understanding of what’s causing or escalating your hair loss. Select a clinic location and time for your private, no obligation consultation.
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Consultation for hair loss treatment