Alopecia Areata


Alopecia Areata is visually distinctive with the rapid appearance of small circular patches on the scalp. Sometimes these patches may grow in size and overlap, or they may remain small. Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune disorder that can be triggered by many varied factors, usually associated with stress. It affects women, men and children and if left untreated can cause permanent hair loss.

Often this disorder runs in families and may be an inherited inability to uplift specific amino acids from the diet when under stress.

Steroids injected into the patches of baldness will sometimes release hair growth, but the hair often falls out again when this therapy is discontinued.

Our treatment of Alopecia Areata produces excellent results and is a safer alternative to a prescribed treatment of steroids. We successfully treat Alopecia Areata using ALOPECIA  ASSIST, our Hair Growth Activator specifically designed to stimulate hair regrowth in areas on the scalp affected by Alopecia. For best results this is paired with AMINO ACID SUPPORT, our Amino Acid supplement that works to balance the autonomic nervous system using Amino Acids L-Tyrosine and L-Glycine.


Amino Acid Support - Amino Acid Supplement



Treatment is over a 4–8-month period, depending on the severity of the condition.

When treating our clients for Alopecia Areata we take a holistic approach considering all aspects of their life including the environment they live in, the food they eat, any medications taken and their general health, well-being, and stress management.

If you think you are suffering from Alopecia Areata we strongly recommend a consultation with our Trichologists to obtain a professional diagnosis and treatment.


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