When Does Hair Loss Start In Men?

Hair loss for men can start at an early age, as early as late teens to mid-twenties causing embarrassment and a loss of self-esteem for many young males. 

After puberty, men’s hair can start to thin in areas of the scalp depending on their inherited characteristics. Areas to keep an eye on are a receding front hairline, thinning temples and visibility of the scalp through the hair, particularly at the crown of the head.

Thinning hair can indicate the genetic condition of Male Pattern Thinning (MPT). It is not marked by a rapid loss of hair, instead the affected hairs become miniaturised growing finer in diameter and shorter. This whole process takes at least 10 years and as long as 40 years.

Often the causes of thinning hair can be compounded by stress, a poor diet, medication and toxins.

Men with Male Pattern Thinning are usually well on the way to baldness by the time they reach their early thirties. However, correct, preventative care can strengthen weak hairs and help them grow stronger making it important for men to seek help as early as possible.

The earlier men seek treatment the better the results.


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