Female Hair Thinning

Female hair thinning, also known as female pattern hair loss (FPT), takes place gradually over time and is an inherited genetic condition or hair loss for women.

Hair follicles are sensitive to a certain form of testosterone (male hormone) called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Once triggered, hair follicles will gradually shrink overtime, growing back thinner, and eventually making the scalp more visible.

The age when hair thinning starts will differ among women with FPT as there are a variety of triggers including stress, too much anaerobic exercise (increasing the male hormone Testosterone), medication, menopause and Polycystic ovary syndrome. At Clive Hair Clinics we are seeing an increase of Female Pattern Thinning occurring in women at an earlier age. 30% of women we treat are experiencing FPT before they reach the age of 30.

Women with Female Pattern Thinning often start thinning in the front scalp area, where the hair is usually parted. There can be a noticeable reduction in hair density in the frontal hairline areas leaving many women feeling self-conscious about their appearance.



Look for these early signs and seek treatment to regain thicker hair. Treated early, the effects of Female Pattern Thinning can be controlled and minimised.

  • A wider hair parting
  • Increased scalp visibility through the crown of your hair
  • Recession at your temples
  • Your hair not growing as long as it used to


hair loss thining women



Often stress and hormonal changes are linked to Female Pattern Thinning and Female Hair Loss.

Women can find themselves in stress-filled lives due to the busy lifestyles they tend to lead, juggling work and home commitments. Stress in any form produces hormones from glands around our body which binds with enzymes to create Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) a form of Testosterone.



Over 50% of women we see experience Female Pattern Thinning during menopause (or after a hysterectomy). As women go into menopause, Estrogen decreases, and Testosterone increases which worsens hair loss and thinning hair. At this stage a woman will be joining about 20% - 40% of women her age with similar hair loss and hair thinning problems.


Birth control
In some women, thinning hair starts or worsens when taking hormonal birth control such as the contraceptive pill or coils, injections, patches, and vaginal rings. This is because the hair growth cycle is influenced by hormones and birth control works by adjusting hormones in your body. Sometimes when birth control is stopped an increase in hair fall can occur.




Stress management
Reducing stress in your life will have a positive effect on your hair growth. Try to reduce your stress levels by balancing work and home life with moderate exercise and relaxation methods. A daily 20 minute walk or a weekly yoga class could go a long way to helping your hair growth.



Anti-androgenic oral contraceptive pills
Selecting birth control with higher Estrogen levels help to counter excessive Testosterone is a factor to consider.

Consultation with a Trichologist
If you think you are suffering from Female Pattern Thinning, we strongly recommend a consultation with our Trichologists for an expert diagnosis on the cause of your hair loss and professional treatment advice.


Haircare suggestions from our Shop to treat Female Pattern Thinning:


DHT Blocker
We use natural Dihydrotestosterone blockers that can reduce the rate of hair loss. Our DHT Blocker contains the extract of Saw Palmetto, an alternative natural way to decrease DHT in hair roots and assist hair growth.


Hair Follicle Treatment
Our proven treatment relaxes the hair follicle allowing hair roots to move and anchor deeper into the scalp. This unique double-action enables vital minerals to reach the hair roots extending the life cycle of weak hairs.


Hair Growth Activator
Strengthens hair and stabilises hair loss. Blocks DHT to allow stronger hair regrowth. Varying strengths for these topical sprays; Stimulate 4.1 minimum strength, Stimulate 4.2 mid strength and Stimulate 4.3 maximum strength.



Cosmetic hair solution
For a quick solution use Toppik Hair Building Fibres to instantly build your hair with natural keratin. Creates the appearance of naturally thick, fuller hair in seconds. Perfect for a visible or wide part line and disguising female pattern baldness. A variety of natural colours are available.


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