Melissa AGE 29



"I was embarrased and anxious about my hair loss. I came to Clive Hair Clinics because I needed to talk to someone about my problem. The staff helped me feel less anxious as they were friendly and happy to answer any of my questions. I liked that they never promised a quick fix and explained the science behind what was happening. Having regular check-ups and treatments at the clinic meant I had lots of opportunities to ask questions and be reassured of my progress.


I am delighted with the results! My hair has totally grown back in the area where there was significant loss. I didn't know this kind of hair treatment was possible and I am so glad I found this clinic. I can now wear my hair down in confidence - you can't even see where the hair loss had occurred.


I would highly recommend Clive Hair Clinics treatment programmes as they create a treatment plan that is just right for you. There are clear instructions to follow for things that need to be done at home. The science behind the treatment and all the steps required are explained in a reassuring manner throughout. But most importantly, the treatment absolutely works, my hair is thicker, fuller and I am 100% more confident with it."


Started treatment at age 28