Dhammika AGE 48



“I was going through some tough times and was under stress and fatigue. I noticed I was losing my hair as a result. I tried taking vitamins but it didn’t do a lot of good. I looked on the web for a possible hair clinic that could help and Clive Hair Clinics sounded the most promising. I signed up and have never looked back since.


The service at Clive Hair Clinics is outstanding, starting from my first appointment. Everything was done promptly, professionally and most importantly was tailored to my needs, not their needs. My Trichologist is very outgoing, friendly and professional but most of all, and most importantly, genuine. She knew about the whole treatment programme, including the product range from the hair treatments to the nutritional supplements.


The real benefit I have enjoyed from the Clive Hair Clinic treatment programme is that I am now full of confidence. My job as a lecturer entails me to be in front of my customers for many hours a week and to me my appearance and professional look is an important part of my professional career.


My treatment at Clive Hair Clinics is ongoing and constant care and dedication is part of the original service they provide. I highly recommend Clive Hair Clinics treatment programmes as they really work! They are user friendly – you don’t need to sit for hours a day applying products. Their professionally trained and dedicated Trichologists are part of the programme and have a lot of knowledge, skill and expertise. 


Started treatment at age 43