iRestore Elite Laser Helmet


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Meet iRestore Elite: The most powerful hair growth device available for home use.

Unlike other devices on the market, iRestore Elite uses the most advanced hair regrowth technology. It's the first device to boast triple wavelength technology (680nm, 655 nm and 625 nm) for deeper scalp stimulation, complemented by advanced VCSEL lasers. This powerful combination offers superior scalp coverage and incredibly high energy density.

Featuring Lumitech red light therapy to reactivate dormant follicles and patented Extended Scalp Coverage for maximum reach to the hairline, temples and crown areas.

This is a FDA-cleared system to fight hair loss and thinning. Equipped with 500 medical grade lasers and LEDs (2500 mW total output), the Elite delivers more power and light energy in half the time of other laser devices (12 minutes compared to 25 minutes). 

Low-level light therapy (LLLT) uses a scientific process to fight hair loss and promote hair growth by stimulating cell metabolism at the follicular level. This treats genetic hair loss and allows users to have long term success without experiencing an increase in health risks.

The iRestore Elite should be used consistently every day for 12-minute sessions for optimal results. 

Must be over 18 years old to use. 


  • 500 Diodes (Lasers & LEDs) – #1 on the market
  • 2500 mW Total Power Output – most powerful for home-use
  • 12-Minute Treatments Daily – more energy in less time
  • Maximum Scalp Coverage – for hairline, temples & crown
  • Triple Wavelength – 625/655/680nm (red light)
  • Advanced VCSEL Lasers – for enhanced coverage and follicle stimulation

The iRestore Elite should be used consistently every day for 12-minute sessions for optimal results.

  • Wear it and press START while you work, read or relax.
  • Use it for 12 minutes everyday.
  • Combine with our hair growth products to accelerate results.

Include as part of your daily hair care routine.

For best results use with our hair stimulant range featuring the powerful active ingredient 3% Redensyl:

  • Stimulate 4.1
  • Stimulate 4.2
  • Stimulate 4.3