iRestore Battery Pack

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The external iRestore accessory that allows the option for mobility. A favorite among users, you can use both the Essential and Professional iRestore Laser Helmet while roaming free. You will no longer need to be positioned near a wall outlet to use the iRestore. One full charge will last about two weeks, so recharging after each use isn’t necessary.

  • This accessory allows you to conveniently power up and get freedom to move when wearing your iRestore Professional Laser Helmet.

Connecting the Battery Pack to the Professional Laser Helmet:

Simply attach the digital remote to the iRestore Professional Laser Helmet with the battery pack. The two parts will magnetically connect and no other cables are needed.

Charging the Battery Pack:

Plug the power adaptor into a wall outlet and connect the adapter pin into the charging port
located on the top of the device. Once connected correctly, a green LED light will illuminate
on the battery pack which indicates the battery power status. The battery pack can last up to
two weeks on a full charge.