Hair Follicle Treatment Set - Stage 1

4 Months

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4-piece set

4 months of treatment with active ingredients to promote hair follicle rejuvenation. Improves overall health of the hair follicle reducing hair loss and hair thinning.

We recommend a minimum 4 months of continuous use to stop hair loss and start healthy hair growth. A full 12-month treatment is recommended: 4 months on STAGE 01, 4 months on STAGE 02 and 4 months on STAGE 03.

  • 4 x Hair Follicle Treatment kits: Stage 01

Each Hair Follicle Treatment kit contains 4 weeks of
treatment using 8 vials, 7ml each.

Our proven Hair Follicle Treatment relaxes the hair follicle allowing hair roots to move and
anchor deeper in the scalp. This unique double-action enables vital minerals to reach the hair
roots extending the life cycle of weak hairs.

Refer to individual products.

Each kit contains 4 weeks of treatments using 8 vials with active ingredients. Apply to towel
dried hair, twice weekly to affected areas. Full application instructions are included inside our
Hair Follicle Treatment kits.