Scalp Treatment Set

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2-piece pack

Boost your scalp health with our SCALP TREATMENT SET. Treats an irritated, itchy scalp while promoting healthy skin and scalp repair at the same time.

This is the ultimate scalp solution made up of CALM Scalp Remedy and SOOTHE Scalp Care.

  • CALM 250mls - Scalp Remedy
  • SOOTHE 250mls - Scalp Care

CALM – Effectively reduces inflammation and improves scalp barrier function for a healthy
scalp and brighter hair. Soothes the scalp instantly by eliminating itchiness, redness and
irritation. Rebalances the scalp’s pH level and restores scalp health.

SOOTHE – Promotes healthy skin and scalp repair. Formulated to reduce dandruff and flaking. Soothes the scalp, relives itchiness.

Refer to individual products.

Use daily or as required to relieve effected areas.

Our hair products feature a number on their label representing the order in which to use them. Easy to see at a glance which hair product to use next.

CALM 6.0