Cleansing Set

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Clean and refresh your hair and scalp with our complete CLEANSING SET of three gentle cleansers.

A must have for your regular hair routine to assist hair regrowth and experience glossy healthy hair again.


Small (250ml) and large (500ml) sets available.

PREPARE – a deep scalp cleanser formulated to unblock pores and remove product build-
up. Invigorates circulation in the hair follicles promoting healthy hair follicles.

CLEANSE – Gently cleanses while strengthening hair strands and boosting hair fullness.
Purifies the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

CONDITION – Softens and strengthens hair. Refreshes and balances the scalp’s pH level.

Refer to individual products.

Use PREPARE 1-2 times a week, before applying CLEANSE and CONDITION.

Use CLEANSE 2-3 times a week, follow with CONDITION each time.

Our hair products feature a number on their label representing the order in which to use
them. Easy to see at a glance which hair product to use next.