Spray Applicator & Hairline Optimiser

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Must-have tools you need for perfect TOPPIK Hair Building Fibres application every time, creating the look of fuller, thicker hair.

Spray Applicator – A patented airbrush provides precise application of TOPPIK Hair Building
Fibres for perfect placement and buildable coverage.

Hairline Optimiser – Uniquely designed to mimic a natural-looking front hairline. Helps to disperse TOPPIK Hair Building Fibres slightly unevenly for a more natural look.

  • Helps achieve a soft natural application of TOPPIK Hair Building Fibres
  • The Hairline Optimiser is designed to mimic a natural-looking front hairline
  • The patented Spray Applicator allows more precise, targeted application
  • Spray Applicator fits both 12g and 27.5g TOPPIK Hair Building Fibre bottles (not included, buy

Spray applicator:

Unscrew cap of TOPPIK Hair Building Fibres (not included, buy separately)
Screw Spray Applicator onto bottle

Hold 2 inches from thinning area

Press pump to dispense fibres

Move continuously along the desired area of coverage
Lightly pat hair

Hairline optimiser:

Insert teeth of Optimiser 1⁄4 inch into hairline

Spray or shake fibres into thinning areas

For the most natural look, use lightly along the front hairline.

Use when applying TOPPIK Hair Building Fibres.