Mason AGE 13



"Trust Clive Hair Clinics and follow the program properly to get the best results. Michael and Victoria at Clive Hair Clinics Melbourne are really nice and totally trustworthy" - Mason.


"I’ve had a great experience dealing with Clive Clinics. We’ve been told straight down the line what needed to be done to achieve the best results in treating Mason’s alopecia. We were given true indications and not given false hope. I recommend Clive Clinics for alopecia sufferers" - Mason's Mum.


Mason started Clive Hair Clinic's Alopecia treatment when he was 12 years old. He had no hair besides a few patches grown from previous steroid injection treatment* (these patches of hair fell out eventually once steriod treatment was stopped).


Clive Hair Clinics treated Mason with their Alopecia Areata treatment programme. Towards the end of this programme Kankho 1000 was added (Clive Hair Clinic's strongest hair stimulant) to increase hair growth.  


Started treatment at age 12


* Steriods both externally applied and/or injected into Alopecia Areata bald patches will sometimes release hair growth, but the hair often falls out again when the steriod therapy is discontinued.  We do not use steriod treatment at Clive Hair Clinics and recommend our non-drug treatments that take a holistic approach to treating each suffer's condition individually. Our scalp treatment therapy includes the replacement of missing Amino Acids along with scalp stimulation - over a 4-8 month period, depending on the severity of the condition.


For anyone suffering from Alopecia Areata the earlier the treatment is started the better the results.