Kathleen AGE 74

"I first came to Clive Hair Clinics when I was young and my brother saw a white bald patch in my hair which was really itchy. He had seen an ad for Clive Hair Clinics in the newspaper and suggested I should go to them to see what was wrong with my scalp. I was a bit scared but I knew I needed to get my hair fixed.


I was diagnosed by a Trichologist and started a treatment programme which cleared up my scalp problem. I felt secure when doing the treatment as it was doing what it was supposed to be doing. Having regular check-ups kept me on the right path as I knew I was applying the products correctly as well as making sure I was carrying out my daily scalp massages.


Today, I still use Clive Hair Clinic's products and have regular check-ups. People comment and say how good my hair looks, that makes me feel really good about myself."