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Maxanol has excellent properties for stimulating regrowth in areas of Alopecia Areata.


A topical product used to treat Alopecia Areata. An auto-immune disorder usually brought on by severe stress, physical or emotional. Symptoms start as sharply defined circular patches of baldness that, in extreme cases, can lead to complete baldness of the scalp and/or body.


Contains Takanal - a strong hair stimulant.

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  • A topical spray, easy to apply
  • Extra-strong hair stimulant
  • Excellent regrowth in areas of Alopecia Areata

How To use

  • Spray onto scalp onto and around affected areas
  • Massage into the scalp
  • Can be applied after shampooing and hair is towel dried
  • Can apply onto dry hair
  • Use twice daily

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