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Formulae Treatment


Our Formulae Treatment is a key feature of our drug-free treatment programmes.


It works by creating follicle movement within the scalp. It is designed to specifically strengthen weak hair follicles and hair roots.


Over a 4 week period Formulae Treatment will relax hair follicles and subsequently move hair roots deeper down into the scalp's dermis layer.


Blood is attracted into the hair roots, contracting the follicles as blood vessels are drawn to the problem area. This action results in the hair roots drawing more blood capillaries into themselves.


Formulae Treatment can assist in attracting vital minerals to hair roots plus remove toxins that could be blocking blood supply and causing stress to hair roots.


Formulae Treatment is an exclusive product to Clive Hair Clinics and only available for purchase under the advice of our Trichologists.  Our Formulae Treatments range from Level 1 to 12 and each pack contains 4 weeks of treatment. It is suggested to start at Level 1 and work your way up. 

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  • creates follicle movement
  • strengthens weak hair follicles
  • strengthens hair roots
  • helps to remove toxins from hair follicles
  • attracts vital minerals to hair roots
  • improves the health of hair follicles & hair roots

How To use

Apply Formulae Treatment twice a week to the scalp.

Each Formulae Treatment pack contains 4 weeks worth of treatment.

Formulae Treatment packs start from Level 1 through to Level 12.

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