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Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel


Eyebrow Gel:


Smudge-proof, natural mineral tint gel formula fills in thin, sparse brows. 


Use this light-weight gel to fill in sparse areas and define brows.


The formula’s soft polymers also help to tame unruly eyebrows and keep brow hairs in place.


Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel can be used by both men and women to improve the appearance of their eyebrows.

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  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-irritating 
  • Dermatologist Reviewed 
  • Clinically Tested 
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Water resistant
  • Smudge proof

How To use

  • Fill in sparse areas of your eyebrows with mineral tint gel using the tapered spoolie brush for precision application. 


  • Use the comb and brush at opposite end for styling and keeping brow hairs in place.


  • Buildable formula allows for multiple applications until desired brow volume is achieved.


  • Water-resistant and long wear formula provides all day confidence.

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