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Our innovative range of drug free hair products draws upon 55 years of experience and expertise treating hair loss. We are proud to offer a natural alternative to prescription drugs, giving our clients peace of mind without the threat of harmful side-effects.


Our drug free hair products focus on cleansing and invigorating the scalp, strengthening hair follicles, blocking DHT and stimulating stronger hair regrowth.


Instead of effecting hormones or other bodily functions, Clive Hair Clinics has perfected a range of hair loss products that react only with enzymes that convert hormones into chemical messengers of cell destruction. 


Our product range is simple to use for self-care at home and long term maintenance. Each of our bottles are numbered in order of use making it easy to remember which product should be applied first when washing and treating your hair.


Our products can be purchased online or direct from our clinics.


Feel free to contact us by email or call to discuss which of our products would be most suitable for you.


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