Formulae Treatment is a non-drug treatment that works specifically to strengthen weak hair follicles and hair roots through the action of creating follicle movement within the scalp.


This movement is created over a four week period using different non-drug formulations that allow the follicles to relax, letting them get deeper in the dermis. Blood is then attracted into the roots and the follicles contract while blood vessels are drawn into the area. This action results in hair roots drawing more blood capillaries into themselves.


Formulae Treatment can help attract minerals indicated deficient in hair mineral analysis, or aid the removal of toxins that could be blocking blood supplies and/or causing stress to hair roots.


Usually Formulae Treatment continues over at least an eight month period before results can be determined. Incremental steps assist hair roots to lodge at deeper blood areas where they will remain, subject to genetic factors.


Formulae Treatment is an exclusive product to Clive Hair Clinics and only available for purchase under the advice of our Trichologists.


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