Initial Consultation.



Your first step is to understand why you are experiencing hair loss…


An Initial Consultation is with a Trichologist who will analyse your hair loss problem and discuss the types of treatment that could work for you.


This is a private 45 minute appointment. A microscopic analysis of your hair and scalp will be conducted and questions asked about your personal and medical history. This information will be used, along with any other relevant tests, to diagnose your condition.


The goal of this Initial Consultation is to determine the factors that may be causing or escalating your hair loss. The types of treatments that could work for your specific condition, costs and likely outcomes will also be discussed.  


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Skype Consultation.


Skype Consultations with a Trichologist are available to clients who cannot visit our clinics. Although a comprehensive diagnosis cannot be given, a Skype Consultation does provide an opportunity for clients to discuss their concerns and gain a better understanding of what could be causing or escalating their hair loss.


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All our clients who are on a Treatment Programme receive regular FREE check-ups with a Trichologist to monitor their progress and to check they are applying product correctly. This is a 15 minute appointment. Clients who complete a Treatment Programme are entitled to a life-time of FREE check-ups with a Trichologist.


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